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Made in the USA!

Made in the USA


Applications With Faztek Overstock!

Using products from Faztek Overstock is a great way to save money and still benefit from the versatility and strength of T-Slotted aluminum extrusions. By purchasing from Faztek Overstock you can build almost any type of solution:

Typical Applications

No matter what your T-Slotted aluminum extrusion project needs are, Faztek has a solution for you! Our full-time designers are ready to work with you and design the perfect solution. Remember, our design assistance is FREE, so take advantage and let Faztek do the work for you.

Take a look below and browse through some of typical applications using Faztek products.

guarding Machine & Perimeter Guarding is a very common application for T-Slotted aluminum extrusions and t slot components. Its ease of use and modularity make it perfect for designing custom guards for just about anything. Faztek's light t-slotted aluminum extrusions and ultra-lite t-slotted aluminum extrusions are great for machine enclosures, perimeter guarding, safety fencing, robot guards, etc... saving you money and reducing weight.
machine base Machine & Equipment Bases are designed to your specific need. Provided that the proper torque is applied to the fasteners, Faztek t-slotted aluminum extrusions and t slot components are vibration-proof due to a built-in drop lock feature. This is great for applications such as vibratory bowl feeders and similar equipment. Heavy duty t-slotted aluminum extrusions are also available for extra-rigid frames when heavy materials are being used.
workstations Work Benches and Work Stations can be designed for a wide range of uses, ranging from a small unit for garages and work areas, to full-scale assembly areas and assembly lines. The inner cavity of many t-slotted aluminum extrusions can even be pressurized to provide quick and easy access to air tools. This is acheived by using Faztek's pressure manifolds, integrated directly into the frame!
material handling Material Handling units offer increased efficiency and ergonomics in the workplace. Whether you are in need of simple inventory space, mobile carts, or custom solutions, Faztek has the perfect solution. And since Faztek's modular framing system is completely modular, you can always easily rearrange the setup of your assembly if necessary.
anything else Practically Anything Else can be designed from Faztek t-slotted aluminum extrusions and t slot components. Build privacy partitions, office cubicles, testing equipment, linear motion systems and much more. If you have an idea and are not sure where to start, give us a call and we will help you select the right materials and designs.

These parts can be integrated into existing Fractional T-Slotted Extrusion Frames!

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