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Made in the USA


Faztek Scratch & Dent
Defect Examples of T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions & T-Slot Components

Faztek-Overstock Scratch & Dent t slot materials are many times near perfect quality. So you can become aware of the extent of "defects", several examples were gathered and explained below.

Example 1: T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion Scratch
extrusion This t-slotted aluminum extrusion contains slight surface scratches caused by handling or accidental contact. This is typically a "worse case" scenario regarding scratches. Most of the t-slotted aluminum extrusions on Faztek-Overstock may not contain any scratches at all.
Example 2: T-Slot Component Scratch
part This joining plate contains a small surface scratch. Scratches usually appear on one side of the t-slot component, allowing the user to hide scratches by facing it inward during installation.
Example 3: T-Slot Component Dent
baseplate This Leveling/Anchoring base plate contains a small dent on one edge. This is typically the "worse case" scenario in regards to dented t-slot components. On most applications this is not visible.
Example 4: Finish Quality Defect for T-Slot Component
finish This item contains an irregular appearance due to anodize finishing. The t-slot component is completely functional, but the price was adjusted due to this visual defect. On most applications this is not visible.

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